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Our Philosophy

Here at BlackOak we thrive to deliver the best value in the industry and do away with all the inefficiencies & formalities that plague most agencies.

It’s not about us as an agency but rather about YOU the client. Our business only works if we score the best results for you and your business. We are looking to not only work with you but to build a longterm relationship with you and your business to not just provide any service but a loyal and reliable partner at your side.

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What to expect

With us you are looking to receive an efficient solution, showing staggering results and ROI as soon as humanly possible. We are not putting you through weeks worth of onboarding before we get to work. Right after we’ve agreed on a partnership we go to work. Onboarding won’t take us more than one hour.

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Meet the Face
behind BlackOak!

Lukas Pütz

I founded BlackOak at the age of nineteen with the intend of connecting people all around the world and thriving forward with them and their businesses. I have been soaking up knowledge about how the world revolves around social media and how to control the power that it hold and ultimately decided to not only put the knowledge to use on personal level but to let others take part in it as well.

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